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Monday, September 24, 2018


laminateLaminate Flooring

Today's laminate flooring comes in a huge array of styles, colours and textures that are more realistic than ever, with looks that include exotic hardwoods.

The appearance of laminate flooring has become so realistic that it is often mistaken for real hardwood. The real advantage is that laminate flooring is one

of the easiest floors to care for and maintain that you can find.

The beauty of laminate flooring, however, is more than just skin deep. It is made from wood products and plastics that are compressed and bonded under high pressure to form an incredibly hard plank with an aluminium-oxide finish that is almost "as hard as diamonds". "It is not easy to stain, it's fade resistant, never needs waxing or polishing and it takes a lot of wear. The turbo lock system has an advantage over all other laminate flooring as it provides a new green moisture resistant core. This latest technology of laminate flooring is resistance to spills and stains. 


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