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Monday, September 24, 2018



Solid Timber Wood Flooring

LTC Flooring team is specialized in Solid Timber Wood Flooring!

We don't just sell solid timber flooring but your 1-stop design and installation centre.





  • Timber flooring can help increase the overall value of your home.
  • Universal appeal
  • Easy care & low maintainence - Just wipe and clean with ease.
  • Timber floors maintain their appeal, as they age they gain more personality and can be re-sanded to give a new floor look, other flooring products like carpet can wear poorly, rip, fade and come apart. Tiles are difficult to live with due to their hardness and lack of warmth.
  • Dust, dirt or mites, and other contaminates are not present in Timber flooring resulting in a much Healthier product. Safer for families and allergy/asthma sufferers
  • Super versatile, can be laid in a multitude of areas in your home,Wet areas like Bathrooms, laundries, Bedrooms and Kitchens. Unlike laminated flooring which can no longer be applied in wet ares due to its delaminating characteristics.
  • Timber flooring looks great in such a mulitude of applications, commerical, home, office, Holiday home, bach etc etc

"Timber flooring is product that will never go out of fashion, it has some incredibly appealing styles and looks, coupled performance, durability, and eco characteristics"

Heat efficient, solid wood floor retains warmth and keeps draught at bay, a solid investment for keeping down costs of heating and cooling your home. If you have a family you'll sleep well knowing you're doing the best thing you can to prevent asthma and allergies developing.

Extended life, even though timber is supposed to gain the character of it's environment with age, if you want a brand new floor in 20 years, there'll be no grounding off tiles or lifting carpet - a simple re-sand will do the trick.

Timber flooring has been popular for hundreds of years - and now with people being more and more eco-conscious - it's only ever gaining popularity. Timber is more energy efficient than other surfaces - using less energy and green house gases in it's production and it is a renewable resource


Just like choosing to paint your house opens up a myriad of colour options that can determine the mood, functionality and aesthetics of the space being painted, your choice of flooring or staircase timber has a significant impact on the design, look and potential use of the area it serves.

Some timbers brighten a space, while others make it more cosy. Certain grains offer a classic look, while others integrate with the most contemporary designs. So whatever aesthetic or functional ends you are trying to achieve with your building or renovation, timber can accommodate.

The benefits of solid timber hardwood floors are many. They are timeless, surviving the fickle shifts of fashion to ensure your property doesn't date like last season's t-shirt. Hardwood timber floors are also extremely durable, so much so that you'll still be enjoying them when last season's t-shirt comes back in to fashion in twenty or thirty years.

And even after years of wear, a simple re-sand and re-coat can bring your hardwood floor or stairs back to pristine condition. But that's not to say that timber is indestructible or does not require careful thought in to the exact match of timber to the job at hand.

Different timbers are suited to different purposes. Some, like Kwila are ideal for internal flooring, outdoor stairs or decking, while others are ionly ideally suited to interior uses like Beech. Some timbers excel when used structurally, while others don't perform so well as flooring. Given these variations, specialist knowledge is crucial when selecting certain species for certain jobs.


The following surfaces can be used in the installation of timber flooring:


Subject to moisture testing and requires application of a moisture vapour barrier system.

Particle board

Glued and secret nailed on a 45° angle. "Secret Nailing" is a method of fixing timber boards so they are not visible on the finished surface - giving a superior and beautifully smooth finish.


This method gives the true old style "sound" of a timber floor. This is where battens or joists are fixed to the levelled concrete - and the timber is then nailed to the battens.

Existing flooring

Timber can also be overlaid on top of old timber if you don't like the type that is already there. It cannot be laid on top of lino/cork/tiles or any other kind of floor - these all have to be lifted first


This is where you will be faced with many options in finish and in colour, the choices are endless. Whatever you desire, whatever you're dreaming of - it can be achieved because it's all in the finishing!


Most customers choose to finish their timbers with polyurethane - it comes as Moisture cured Polyurethane or Waterbourne Polyurethane: You can decide between a gloss, semi-gloss or matt finish to your floor with polyurethane products.


From new to old floors - most timbers can be stained with a variety of colours. Some timbers lend themselves to this process better than others - call us for individual advice on colour and suitablility.

Blonding / Bleaching

This will lighten/whiten your timber to your desired effect. Blonding and bleaching are two very different processes which achieve totally different looks.


Pricing below is based on meter squared or M2, the prices are indicative and intended to give you a relative ideas of the pricing the comparative timbers

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Anthony Murphy
Timber flooring decorate the kitchen floor. The thing you need is choose a good timber for flooring because. The design is also matters when you choose flooring timber. For this you need a good contractor. The RTA Store provides a good flooring ideas and Quality kitchen cabinets which increases the look of the kitchen.

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Timber Flooring Victoria
Timber flooring is the best option for home decorations. Looks really great.
Timber Flooring Victoria

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